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Blue Sky July by Nia Wyn
A Mother's Story of Hope and Healing

Nia Wyn's first book, Blue Sky July, is a big sensation in the U.K. and has now hit the U.S. with award nominations and fast-growing media buzz.

Good Housekeeping says it's, "Beautifully written and will strike a chord with every parent. It will have you hooked from beginning to end." Novelist and broadcaster Yvonne Roberts calls it, "Un-put-downable and utterly compelling. A quiet classic."

Blue Sky July follows the story of a mother whose child suffers a devastating brain injury. It traces her journey into a world hidden away in society's pockets as she battles against impossible odds to heal him.

Here is a short excerpt:

In the morning now, when I'm getting him dressed, we listen to Mozart, Joe and me. A site on the web says it's good for healing. After that we sit at the piano together and I name the keys. I paste orange luminous dots over them, but he still can't see them. I wear my sparkly wig and red lipstick in the light room, but he still prefers to commune with the angels.

I keep my books in perfect order this winter. At the back are my lists of daily schedules and appointments, all covered still in check marks, but sometimes I imagine that I won't heal him now. That the endless stream of therapies cannot unbreak us, and that nothing whole will ever come of two such broken people.

At night I play solitaire: "If this works out he'll talk," I whisper to the computer. "If this works out he'll walk...his vision will come...his hands will improve." Sometimes the cards work out, but more often they don't. "If this works out he'll be happy anyway," I whisper then. "If this works out all these games mean nothing at all."

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