..Jon Simonds..

The Wiley Fox and the Crazy Wabbit
The Basically Brooklyn Series

Unbeknownst to many, Bernie Sanders has something in common with Bugs Bunny. Both came to be in the Flatbush section of Brooklyn. Folklore has the very liberal and always politically incorrect rabbit, born in a warren on July 27th, 1940 underneath the pitcher's mound of Ebbets Field, where the old Brooklyn Dodgers used to play. Bernie was born just a stone's throw away on September 8th, 1941. Bugs is 75 years old. Bernie is 74. And while there is no way to put that "crazy wabbit" in the White House, there is no shortage of cartoon characters running for its occupancy. Bernie, the "wily fox," just isn't one of them.

This was supposed to be the summer of Hillary, but the little known Senator from Vermont has taken Hillary's runaway lead in the polls and cut it down to just 21 percent in the State of Iowa. Recent polls show if the electorate voted tomorrow in New Hampshire, Bernie would beat Hillary by as much as 10 percent. How has such a little known Senator from Vermont captured the nations attention?

The middle class in this country isn't struggling. It isn't even collapsing. It's just plain dead. They've become the working poor as more and more companies increase CEO salaries for coming up with ideas to dump employees. Most of who end up rehired as subcontractors.

You want a company that believes in building a stronger middle-class? Think UPS who pay drivers a livable wage, offer health benefits, vacation time and a pension. They value a strong America and accept responsibility (as in liability) for all those trucks rolling across our nation.

You want a company that could care less? Look at your cable provider, relying on a cable sub-contracting company who relies on cable subcontractors. You know the twenty-dollar on time guarantee you're promised if your installer doesn't show up on time? Your cable company isn't losing a dime. It's deducted from the subcontractor who installed your cable. Here's a business model that could care less about building a better America because they are so consumed with building a stronger company which makes for greater stock and bigger returns to its investors.

Bernie wants to change this because Bernie cares. Bernie wants to take on the 1 percent and make sure the 99 get their due. He is promising to make this Nation great again by investing in our future with the tools of a free higher education. He believes in Health Care for all. He wants to bolster American wages thus battering the anger burning from sea to shining sea. He wants to clobber billionaires stashing cash in foreign countries and make them pay their share.

Make no mistake about it. The Democratic nomination still belongs to Hillary but support for the Wily Fox is growing with such fury he may yet borrow a line from that crazy wabbit. You know, the one where Bugs looks directly into the camera and says: "Gee! Ain't I a Stinker?"

* * *