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Intuition, Inspiration and Angelic Guidance

Feeling inspired about your life is quite possibly the most important ingredient for happiness and success in all its available forms. That irrepressible urge to leap out of your bed in the morning and get into the day would make you a multi-millionaire overnight if you could put that feeling into a bottle and sell it.

We often search for sources of inspiration outside ourselves, believing that Inspiration will come from something we can do, own or be; yet the real ingredients for feeling inspired about your life and creating a real sense of meaning and purpose are within you at all times. We all have the innate ability to be intuitive and even clairvoyant; our intuition longs to guide us clearly at ever turn, yet our busy lifestyles often steer us in the opposite direction.

Most people know that life is not really about paying off the mortgage or getting a promotion at work. Those things are excellent achievements and experiences in and of themselves but they don't make life truly satisfying. Reconnecting with your own intuition and your ability to feel inspired by life is much more personal than that.

Developing and trusting your own intuition is a great place to begin and a wonderful road to travel on your way to having greater interactions with your Angels and intuition. If you long to have a clearer connection to your divine guidance then it is vital to start with the basics and create strong foundations in your spiritual anatomy. Your channel is your antennae to your intuitive guidance, so it is vital to keep it clear, open and strong. If you use the following exercise for just a few minutes each day you will develop your channel and increase your capacity to connect to your intuition and your own Angels and Spirit Guides. It's very simple, so why not give it a try?

Reactivating and Strengthening Your Channel

  • Settle yourself comfortably and relax. Close your eyes when you are ready to begin.

  • Imagine a beam of golden-white light travelling down to you from way up in the cosmos. Picture it travelling through the galaxies and into our solar system and making a bee-line for you here on planet Earth. This beam of light will be cylindrical in shape, like a pipe or a tube and flow through the centre of your body in front of your spine.

  • Let the golden-white light shine onto the top of your head - crown chakra - and then down through your head and neck, and then through the length of your body passing through the other main chakras along the way.

  • Once it reaches your base chakra let it branch out and continue to flow down through both your hips and legs, right to the soles of your feet.

  • From there, picture the golden- white light reforming into one branch again and flowing down through the floor and into the Earth, all the way to her core. Connecting your channel to the Earth's core is very important because it helps to keep you grounded and brings your Divine Guidance into your everyday, physical life.

  • Sit for a moment and allow yourself to become reacquainted with the feeling of an active, connected and energized channel.

  • Now you have the Universal light flowing through you from top to bottom, connecting you through from the Cosmos to the core of the Earth. The next step gives you an even stronger connection to the Earth's nurturing energy.

  • Note - Mother Earth is a soul and a spirit in her own right, and as indigenous cultures have known for millennia, she is also the source of great wisdom. By tapping into Her we tap into a level of our own wisdom that is generally overlooked by western society.

  • From the core of the Earth, imagine a beautiful, rich red light travelling back up towards you. Whilst the golden-white light from above is vibrant and energizing, the red light from the Earth is warm, comforting and nurturing.

  • Feel it flow up through the soles of your feet and moving all the way back up through your channel - legs, hips, core of your body and head - until it flows up and out through your crown chakra and into the Cosmos. Keep breathing nice and deeply and steadily, and give yourself a few moments to become reacquainted with this flow of energy as well.

  • Now you have the golden-white light flowing down through your channel, and the warm, red light flowing up. These two energies will flow simultaneously without getting in each other's way.

  • After a few minutes, open your eyes and reacquaint yourself with your surroundings. Your channel will continue to be open and flowing.

  • Repeat this exercise whenever you wish to strengthen your channel and your ability to connect to your Intuition, Angelic Guidance and Inspiration.

    What you have now is a fully functioning channel that is probably more receptive than it's been since the earliest days of your childhood and remember, if you didn't "see" or feel much on your first attempt, it will come with practice. Developing your intuition and clairvoyance is about learning to relax and let it happen, rather than making it happen. Your sensitivity and openness will increase with practice.

    After you have done this exercise for the first time and reactivated your channel, you may do this exercise daily so that you really get your channel back into great shape and keep it that way. After 15 years I still use this exercise regularly to keep my channel strong. Remember, one visit to the gym is good, but only regular visits will give you the results you desire, and just as the condition of your body improves with regular exercise, so too will the condition of your channel improve with regular maintenance. Enjoy!

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    BelindaGrace is a Clairvoyant Healer with 15 years experience in her field and author of four books: You are Clairvoyant - Developing the Secret Skills we All Have, You are Inspired - An Intuitive Guide to Life with Meaning and Purpose, You Are Abundant - Why You are Enough the Way You Are and Heaven Sent - Simple ways to Communicate with Your Angels, which is to be released in May 2012. To find out more about BelindaGrace's practice, courses and workshops please visit www.belindagrace.com.