Lese Dunton  
Ant-Man and the Wasp Transforms a Skeptic

My friend can be skeptical. As we walked towards the movie theater he announced, "If we don't like it we can always leave." To which I replied, "I'm staying."

Perhaps 5 minutes into the film, he leaned over in a stage whisper and said, "This is good."
I wanted to say, "Told ya," but I prefer the no talking atmosphere of a big dark theater packed with people.

Another few minutes went by and he said, "This is funny," as he stared straight ahead at the screen. I noticed his occasional chuckles had grown into loud frequent laughter. He sounded like a kid. It was a healing laugh.

After it ended (wait for all the credits to finish), we were back on the streets, walking and talking and thinking it over. We wondered what it's like in the Quantum Realm where Ant-Man must venture to go. Wasn't it fabulous when they had to modify the defraction units on one the regulators and depolorize the coils? Sounds like a place that has a flux capacitor, like in Back to the Future.

It's uplifting, action-packed, and delightful. Michael Douglas anchors the whole film perfectly with wonderful warmth, and his comedic timing is brilliant. The whole cast interacts beautifully together, like an orchestra, with just the right pacing and crashing.

Whatever your frame of mind going in, I know you'll come out loving this dazzling action tale that has such great humor and heart.

* * *