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Once upon a time, back in 1988, I was working at The New York Daily News and the idea for The New Sun popped into my head.

All the fear, murder, disaster and scandal were getting great coverage but people's strengths, and the positive aspects and events of life, were under-reported. Why not focus on something different — and equally realistic?

So I wrote a letter to George Harrison and told him about it, even though it was still just an imagined possibility. He agreed to an interview and The New Sun was born on newsprint. I mailed a copy of that first issue, with George on the cover, to actor Michael Douglas because I'd heard he was interested in the publishing business.

By 1992, Mr. Douglas graciously invested seed money and by 1994, TNS moved to the web.

It's not that The New Sun is "all positive" because that's not the way life is. It's more about the consciousness from which the stories are written — keeping an eye on what's best in people and life. And finding humor, too.

We're located in New York City so stories often begin here, but we also cover the country and world.

Over the years we've published original stories by Pulitzer prize-winner Jimmy Breslin and Alexander Cockburn, as well as interviews with President Jimmy Carter, Robert Redford, Dr. Mehmet Oz, Art Linkletter, James Taylor, John McEnroe, Governor Mario Cuomo, John Dean of CNN and Watergate fame, Robert Kennedy, Jr., author Malachy McCourt, and many more.

The New Sun has been featured in People magazine, The New York Daily News, and on CNN, New York One, NPR, and Channel 9 News. And in 2005, TNS created its own radio variety show on WBAI FM (click to hear 1-minute excerpt).

To find out even more, go to the Media Coverage and Mission Statement sections.

Hope you enjoy the site.

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Lese Dunton (bio)

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