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Acidic Stomach/Tums Addiction

I, like many people (including my father) was addicted to Tums. Unfortunately, it turns out my real problem was not hyper acidity, but hypoacidity and a nervous stomach.

I was tired of my increasing stomach problems, so consulted my naturopath. He explained that the acid coating on our stomach lining is its defense against the bacteria normally present in the small intestine. When we compromise that protective coating, the bacteria can settle in and cause irritation.

People mistake this irritation for acidity and take antacids, thus starting a vicious cycle.

My naturopath started me on a course of various treatments over several months aimed at repairing the damage. And, he gave me an alternative to antacids for symptomatic relief. It consists of deglycerizinated licorice root, which doesn't affect the PH of the stomach, but adds to the protective coating on the lining.

Less than one year ago, I was taking Tums nearly every day, sometimes up to 4 in a day. Now, I rarely have to take anything for my stomach and I haven't had a crippling case of indigestion in months.

* * *

by Judy Johnson, Seattle, Washington, USA

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