Creatively Endowed

A poet, humorist, writer, actor
and adventurer -- "a fantastic spastic,
creatively endowed with disability"


He grew up in Ojai, California and has been disabled since the age of eight. "My plan," says Neil, "is to de-rigidify institutions and have great fun living my life."

Neil's writings and collages have been published in newsletters, newspapers and magazines. His work is part of the first disabled poets' anthology, Toward Solomon's Mountain, and he also publishes a newsletter called Special Effects. Additionally, Neil is founder and editor of an annual disability counseling journal, Complete Elegance. Most recently Neil published a children's illustrated book entitled, The Princess and the Dragon - A Disabled Fable.

Mr. Marcus is the recepient of the United Nations Award for excellence in playwriting and will be featured in the new CBS series titled "Christy."

When not touring, STORM READING is performed at Santa Barbara's Access Theatre, the only totally accessible, professional theatre organization in the United States. It provides an environment that trains and employs actors who are blind, deaf, disabled or non-disabled, and produces work that bridges the gap between people of varying abilities by opening doors of communication. For more information call 805-564-2063 or 564-2424 (TDD, Telephone Device for the Deaf).

After a five week Los Angeles run at the Tiffany Theatre, STORM READING was hailed by members of the L.A. Drama Critics Circle, voted one of Los Angeles' top ten plays of 1993 by the L.A. Village View and the Drama-Louge Magazine's Award for Best Production, Best Ensemble, and Best Direction.