The Talkettes Team
Founder, Business Consultant, Board of Advisors

Lese Dunton created Talkettes, a 15-second micro-voicing platform, by writing and acquiring a provisional patent. Next, she began working with a developer to build a beta site. This soundbite invention is like "the Twitter of audio."

Ms. Dunton runs Dunton Publishing which helps clients publish their print books, e-books and audiobooks, offering a variety of editorial, production, graphic and marketing services. Lese is also the founder of The New Sun, an online publication whose mission is "to find the best in life and give it good coverage." She started publishing on newsprint in 1990, raised capital, and moved it to the web in 1994. People magazine said, "It has caught the eye of high-placed optimists."

At The New Sun she secures advertising, establishes partnerships, edits content, and generates publicity. She has interviewed George Harrison, Dr. Mehmet Oz, Pulitzer Prize-winner Jimmy Breslin, Governor Mario Cuomo, John McEnroe, and Judy Collins, among many others. In addition to People magazine, The New Sun has been featured on CNN, NY1, WOR, and National Public Radio.

In 2005, Lese produced and hosted The New Sun Radio Show on WBAI FM Radio. Michael Douglas, John Dean and Malachy McCourt were among her guests. (Click here for 1-minute excerpt.)

Ms. Dunton has held positions such as writer, editor, artist, and producer for CBS Television, The New York Daily News, and The Wall Street Journal. She was also director of communications for The Riverside Church and outreach coordinator for the Midtown Center for Complementary Care.

Her articles have appeared in The New York Daily News, The New York Post, Edible Manhattan, and Celebrate With Style.

She has written and narrated audiobooks for Reading Town publishers and is a voiceover artist for Studio Center.

Contact:, or call 212-799-7402.

Business Consultant
Timothy Dunton is a business owner, attorney, and entrepreneur whose specialties are buying and selling companies, securities valuation, real estate, and law.

His experience includes sourcing, initiating, negotiating, and closing mergers and acquisitions, including leading $40 million and $60 million projects.

Tim has also advised an NYSE-listed company on acquisitions and divestitures, raised millions of dollars of equity for early stage companies, drafted contracts, and developed strategic relationships for Internet startup that became the leading site for online mergers & acquisitions. He has valued companies and securities for tax and corporate planning purposes, and provided independent financial advice and assistance to investment banking and consulting firms, including performing due diligence.

Board of Advisors

  • Michael Douglas: Academy Award-winning actor, producer, UN Messenger of Peace
  • Mick Gochanour: Grammy Award-winning director, producer and composer
  • Danny Goldberg: President, GoldVE entertainment; former chairman of Warner Bros Records
  • David Olshefski, PhD: Technology consultant, former IBM staff researcher

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