The New Sun Newspaper

Sleepless Nites

As I lay under the stares I hear the wind blow on a cool summer nite
Looking up at the big black sky
I wonder why
I love you so much
I think of the day we met I knew we were ment to be
Just you and me
Together for eternity
Together forever we just wasn't wrong
But now we are apart
Can't you hear my heart
Pounding for your love?

Baby I want'd to hear you say
"I do"
but as we grew
It changed oh so much
it's now I don't

What went wrong between
you and me?
Why couldn't we be
Together forever?

As I lay there on that sleepless nite
I still wonder'd why
you stuck with me through all those fights
I guess you did love me
and we were ment to be

On that Sleepless Nite

by LaRee