The New Sun Newspaper

From The Ashes We Will Rise

Birds crashing from the skies have brought terror
into the eyes of this great nation,
Leaving disbelief and holes in our hearts.
A privileged country brought to its knees
The unbreakable-broken.

Countless lives unjustly ended
Generous rescuers perished in the falling of the great towers.
Innocents stolen from their family, friends and loved ones
To be held in the arms of angels.

Though tears flood this proud nation with shock, anger and grief
The red, white and blue shine through.
A flag draped from a wall of the destructed Pentagon
Another lifted where the towers once stood.

We will defend this country and all it stands for.
We are the United States of America and we will not allow terror to break
this great nation.

We will rise from these ashes and stand tall.
We will come out of this tragedy with our flag held high.

In memory of those killed,
Remembered now and forever September 11, 2001

by Lauren Jesselson