..Jon Simonds..

Art of the Con
The Basically Brooklyn Series

As every good grifter knows, there is a trio of ingredients one must provide for the pot. The first, though not necessarily the most important, is the bait. This is the golden scent provided to attract the mark.

The second of course, is the hook, not really hidden from the mark, or the fool who is being set up to believe this is going to work out great. We're all going to do so much better after this.

The third and perhaps the single most important portion of the pot is patience.

Men like Paul Ryan understand this. They have been brewing a stew meant to sucker a mass of people so completely, in the end they will be raped, robbed and lampooned all the way to the bank. They call this stew HR 610 and this pot of feces has begun its journey into the House. It will go on to the Senate and off to the President to be signed into Law.

Ryan and company are setting up their mark under the guise of a scheme called School Choice. This is a clever piece of bait as it gives one the impression they have no choice when it comes to attending school. They are reeling fools in with a hook called the Voucher.

The Voucher in this plot magically allows you to send your kid to the school of your choice. Of course, there are only two types of schools to choose from. They are the same two types of schools you could choose from before they dreamed up this scheme. The first is the private school, a business enterprise designed to educate your children for a substantial profit. Some of these schools are attached to religious institutions and thus exempt from paying taxes.

The second choice is Public Schools, like the High School Ryan attended in Janesville, WI. These are publicly funded, non-profit institutions because you can't put a price on education. Schools like Massabesic Middle School are provided for the young, developing minds that are the future of our Nation. The expense we associate with educating our young are the dividends we reap in the future but there is no profit in public education. There is no visible financial return.

Men like Paul Ryan don't like this.

So, they stand in the kitchen and cook up a brew of deep cuts for the institutions meant to prepare our young to compete in the future standing before us. School Choice is a con. Ask Mr. and Mrs. Ryan. They chose to send their boy, Paul to a private Elementary School, a private Middle School and then chose a Public High School. If their son has his way, in the end, there will be no public schools There will only be the banks and the student loans and of course, the mark; the backbone of America, struggling even more in their effort to give their children the same opportunity at an education those grifters had.

* * *