The New Sun

Itzhak Mizrahi is a renowned metaphysical and kabalistic counselor. He accumulated his wide knowledge and experience along thirty four years of practice in the realm of Kabbalah and metaphysics. The fifth generation in a family of metaphysical experts. Itzhak Mizrahi is one of the few specialists who are proficient at amulet writing based on the King Solomon Seals. The writing is executed according to a precise and strict schedule, and adjusted to the requester's name, mother's name and date of birth.

Itzhak is a world known expert in confectioning Kabbalistic substances to aid people with their personal problem, and famous for his talent to bring back lost loves. A sought after lecturer in the areas of fate analysis, charms and amulets, soul incarnation, dream interpretation and superstitions. Itzhak Mizrahi is the founder of, the largest and most comprehensive Israeli website in the area of Kabbalah, metaphysics and the occult.

His book titled Keep Misfortune Away (2003), was the first to expose the existence of King Solomon Seals to the general public.

Itzhak is the co-creator of the innovative "King Solomon Cards," which infuse ancient Kabalistic symbols and Solomon seals together with the visionary art of Orna Ben-Shoshan.