The New Sun

Daisy Cockburn's
Thoughts on Painting the California Landscape

I set up my easel this May by the Mattole River, just across the road from where I live in Petrolia. After a long winter of intense rain, the river was full, fresh and inviting. I couldn't wait to get down there and immerse myself in the evening light. The peak of the light passes by quickly but it helps to set the intention for the painting.

After each winter the landscape of the river changes quite dramatically. What draws me in is the dynamic quality of the river and its moving shores.

Painting by the river is a full immersion sensory experience. Gnats love to settle on the wet oil. Stray cows from neighbouring farms crash through the willow. Sudden mega-gusts of wind can hurl my easel across the sand and rocks and the wet painting into my face.

Now the river is low and full of electric green algae. The trees are fluorescent as the sun goes down. Another story.


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