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Caroline Reynolds is a living testament that it is possible to live with spiritual purpose, a higher truth and inner peace in our everyday world. In her book, Spiritual Fitness: How To Live in Truth and Trust (DeVorss, 2005), the UK native, now US resident, outlines seven contemporary principles of "spiritual fitness" for those in search of motivation, confidence, improved relationships, spiritual practice and a fulfilled life.

Caroline has been teaching practical spirituality for the past 13 years and lectures internationally in the US, UK, Canada and Australia.

During the 80s she lived a fast-paced life running the prestigious London Roof Gardens owned by Virgin Records and Airline mogul, Sir Richard Branson. When a health-related wake-up call led to a period of intense self-inventory, Caroline began to contemplate the true meaning of life and how to find inner-peace. Out of this she created Spiritual Fitness "to help people to be less afraid and live more fulfilled and heart-centered lives."