The New Sun

Bill Philipps is a Psychic Medium whose ability to assist the deceased to communicate with their loved ones has helped many to experience relief and find a valuable sense of closure.

With a 1-year-plus waiting list, his clients hail from all walks of life and span the globe - from celebrities to entrepreneurs in such faraway countries as India, Africa, Australia and Iceland. Anything but your stereotypical medium, Bill's fresh, upbeat and direct approach perfectly complements his warm and extraordinarily relatable demeanor.

Born in Santa Ana, California, Philipps began seeing spirits at a very young age. At first he was frightened, but eventually became more accustomed to the phenomena he found himself experiencing. At the age of 14, his mother passed away and began communicating to him from the other side as well.

At the age of 18, Philipps even began to give informal readings. But it was his study of opera at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music that really began to hone his sensitivity on the subject; Bill found that music in some deeply spiritual way had enabled him to tune into and further develop his abilities.

He continued to give private readings to the faculty, but after graduating, found the capacity too strong to any longer avoid and so set out to professionally pursue what he now knew to be his true calling.