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The New Sun has caught the eye of high-placed optimists" -

Women Rule:
Find out what Prince Harry, Michael Moore, Warren Buffet and others really think of women. (It's all good.)


An excerpt from Big Love: The Power of Living with a Wide-Open Heart

Beyond everything else, growth requires dedication. Healing demands commitment.

No number of books or podcasts or workshops will make a difference if we're not committed to healing ourselves. And when we open ourselves to look at our pain for real, our pain will present itself. For real...


The Cure
The Basically Brooklyn Series
by Jon Simonds

...I am white and will not apologize for the actions of those who purchased slaves

from the slave traders of a dark continent because I know no slaves.

There is no one I can apologize to because those moments are moments past

and this is the moment that matters...


Thoughts on Painting the California Landscape
by Daisy Cockburn

I felt connected with the renewing energies of Spring

and the full water of the Mattole River, just across the road from where I live,

and captivated by the evening light, which creates a sense of glowing magic,

like a passing funfair, in the landscape I'm part of...


NEWSBRIEFS Oprah Winfrey, Jimmmy Fallon and more - with positive news to share.

 Welcoming Talkette from the Editor. An audio hello.

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