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A book excerpt from Circumstances Beyond My Control by Ben Bryant

I'm aware that I may lose some readers with this confessional but I said in my preface that this was going to be an honest book and this stuff is important to me.

I hope you're not offended by my bluntness and I intend no disrespect for anyone's belief system. I simply want to tell you about mine....continued.

How Full is Your Glass
by Jon Simonds

"...The glass is not half full. It is half empty and its content won't do you any good anyway because this Polar Vortex has it frozen solid!

I could hear my daughter yelling, "There you go again," when I suddenly saw these two bright red lights in front of me spinning wildly out of control...continued.

It's Okay to Talk to the Dead
An Excerpt from The Last Frontier
by Julia Assante

....A review of prominent, bold, and brilliant people in the past who openly admitted an interest in making contact with the dead or who actually achieved it should convince you that you are in excellent company as you embark on this quest....

...Reportedly, Thomas Edison was working on a telephone to bridge the gap between this life and the next before he died....continued

The Butterfly Plan for Transformation
An Excerpt from The Boy Who Died and Came Back
by Robert Moss

In many cultures, the butterfly is a favorite image for soul. In Greek, the word psyche means both "soul" and "butterfly". The cycle of the butterfly is a model for a life that is open to transformation.

To spread butterfly wings, you must transform again and again. You must let your old identity collapse into mush. You must use your imaginal cells to overcome the resistance of the old you, the little you, who clings to what you once were...continued

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