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  "The New Sun has caught the eye of high-placed optimists" -

A Woman With a Past
The Basically Brooklyn Series
by Jon Simonds
No single recording artist better captured the hopes and dreams of a generation than Melanie Safka.

Her career began on a rain-soaked stage at Woodstock during a time of great social upheaval. "I was terrified," she says.

Now Miley Cyrus might play her in a new film.     continued.

In Honor of Governor Mario Cuomo

I've always loved Mario Cuomo. I'm so grateful he shared his deep insights about life in The New Sun, and for his kindness and clarity.

In this interview the Gov speaks of repairing the universe and the power of love. What else is there?

Enjoy heaven, Mario. See you later.

-Lese Dunton, Editor.     click here to read interview.

A Great Nation

Ours is a unique nation; a Great Nation conceived and designed with honor by honorable men who fought a revolution and bestowed upon us the freedom that is our beacon of light burning brightly for the entire world to see...

...Yet, throughout our history, there have been times when we...    continued.

NEWSBRIEFS Oprah Winfrey, Jimmmy Fallon, Brian Williams and more - all with positive news to share.

 Welcoming Talkette from the Editor. An audio hello.

More Talkettes:

  • Judy Collins on why she loves what she does (13 secs)
  • Dr. Oz on what medicine can help us realize (12 secs)
  • Why Pulitzer Prize-winner Jimmy Breslin likes nurses (14 secs)
  • Billy Crystal gets to play for Yankees for one night (15 secs). From the audiobook Still Foolin' 'Em.
  • Author Ben Bryant quotes Vonnegut (actually Vonnegut's uncle, Alex).
  • Parenting humor from Jon Simonds (14 secs)
  • To learn more about Talkettes, go to


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